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TACOP SOLUTIONS is a unique company that was created in 2009 that provides firearms and tactical training along with supplying premier equipment and uniforms to Law Enforcement, Military, Fire/EMS, and Private Security personnel. Since 2009, we have made it a priority to provide you these premier products and training at an affordable price. We continue to forge new partnerships in order to add new quality products that you can rely on. If you don't see something you are looking for, we carry full-lines of many products and can assist you in acquiring what you need.


TACOP SOLUTIONS is Veteran owned and operated by Dave Mitchell.  Dave formerly served in the United States Marine Corps and is currently a police officer in Illinois. Dave has over 12 years of experience in Law Enforcement and has been assigned to the 5th District SWAT Team since 2005, where he now serves as a Team Leader. Dave is a multifaceted trainer and holds instructor certifications in firearms, rapid deployment, less lethal munitions, use of force, and has been training Law Enforcement and Private Security personnel for over 7 years. Dave's assignments have brought him a great deal of experience in working with quality products that have been tested in real world missions.  


DUNS#: 00-929-0395



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